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Mon, May 9, 2011 Zofia from the fabulous Zofia Photo has been kind enough to share one of her album designs.
Zofia does a fantastic job of telling the story of the day, featuring the photos and letting the design showcase the photos, not the other way around. I think one of the biggest mistakes that photographers make in designing albums is letting the design take the forefront. We aren’t graphic artists creating a magazine ad. We are photographers creating an heirloom piece of art for a family. Our designs should showcase the photographs that we create and the moments within them.
If you are having troubles creating designs that work for you and your business, I would spend some time looking at this wonderful design.

The wedding album of Joanna and Tim Stockton

A Surprise Nantucket Wedding in ‘Sconset by Zofia Photography
What Zofia loves about this album:
This was a wedding of a total of 14 people including the bride and groom. The couple flew in from San Francisco and surprised their closest family and friends with their Nantucket nuptials. The wedding was simply full of love and laughs and no stress. I was given plenty of time, before the ceremony and after, to walk around with Joanna and Tim, therefore a lot of the photos I took are of just the two of them, happy and in love. I really liked the images that they picked for their album because they included every guest and every detail, yet it flows just like the wedding did – carefree and bright.  -Zofia

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