Design Tips

Wed, Dec 1, 2010
Ask any successful photographer, and they’ll tell you that the key to a solid album is that it must flow. How do you do it? With a deliberate method to the order and usage of images. Here are two quick tips for making your albums flow.

Showcasing Showcasing is simple. You start off with one large image, and then a series of smaller related images. Examples would be, a large shot of the cake + closeup shots of the cake’s details. This showcases the cake with one large image, and then a variety of smaller images with cake details. Another would be a wide shot of the venue, plus smaller shots of the tables and flowers. A large shot of the bride and smaller detail shots of rings, necklaces and so forth. When you think in terms of showcasing, it’s easy to pick images and put together spreads.

Simplicity This means making your choices carefully. Don’t just do something because it is an effect, do it because it has a positive affect on a design. Using full bleed images can create drama and impact. Reduced opacity, elements and textures, used wisely can add subtlety and context to your layouts. This layout by Corsentino is a perfect example of two such devices.
You can check out Michael’s new Book/DVD combo here. Also check out Micheal’s blog here. Micheal Corsentino is a Napa, CA based wedding photographer.
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