• Design albums right in Photoshop, with all of your favorite tools
• Pages are automatically laid out based on number of images
• Retouch and design at the same time
• Freehand layouts while keeping images aligned and size matched
• Automated file handling
• Dynamic automated layout
• Perfectly align complex designs
• Build designs in seconds
• Full access to all of your actions and filters while designing
• Mac/PC compatible, works with all album companies
Requires CS3 or above. CS3 Version of Album Builder will run from your action palette. CS4 or above will run as a panel extension within Photoshop.
Live Support and Ticket System
Live Support and Ticket System We have live U.S. based support 5 days a week where we can even screen share to solve your issues. Additionally, our support team will respond to any trouble ticket within one business day.
Online Manuals
Online Manuals Detailed online manuals are available 24 hours a day on our website. You can view these manuals online or download and print out the PDF.
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials Video tutorials are a great way to get a global overview of how the program works. We walk you through each step of the program, letting you ‘see’ it in action.
“Album Builder is a must have! It saves me hours of time and gives me complete control & creativity within Photoshop. I retouch all my images and use all of my favorite plug-ins and actions while I design!”
Frank SalasWPPI Master Class Speaker