SURPRISE! Ansel Adam's negatives just fakes…

Tue, Aug 3, 2010

The story that sounded too good to be true, was just that. A week ago A box of negatives and prints was falsely appraised as the lost collection of Ansel Adams, valued at around 200 million dollars. But since then numerous sources have been skeptical of the appraisal, and quickly the photos were revealed to [...]

"Her Morning Elegance" Stop-Motion music video

Tue, Jul 20, 2010

Incredible D3x Shots From Space!

Tue, Jul 20, 2010

The culmination of space exploration and 21st century technology has resulted in an continually updated blog from Russian astronauts from space. The use of the D3s has also offered many pictures of earth which are “unedited and pretty amateur looking, making this kind of fun even more charming.” to check out the full photo [...]

Flare it up

Thu, Jul 15, 2010

I love to flare it up on a few shots at weddings. The key with wide angle is not use it too much and when you do go wide, to really ramp it up. I feel at one wedding, you have 2, maybe 3 chances to really use wide angle. If you go over that, [...]

Finao Party

Thu, Jan 1, 1970

Finao came and played at our studio last week. About 45 people showed up for pizza, drinks and a glimpse at Finao’s new products.

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New life from old textures

Thu, Jan 1, 1970

Learn how to turn this:

Into this:

In a few easy steps, on one of my recent DWF blog posts. Read here.


Save Money+Save Lives

Thu, Jan 1, 1970

Until May 2, Fundy SOS will match your savings and donate that amount to Nothing But Nets (up to $50).

What does this mean?

If you save $30 on your Album Builder purchase,

we’ll donate $30 to Nothing But Nets and save 3 lives.

After college, I worked in the Peace Corps for two years in the former Soviet Union. That time really communicated to me the great disparity we have in this world. Often a small amount here in western countries can mean the difference between life an death in another, less fortunate country.
Nothing But Nets is doing fantastic work. I found out about them first in the NY Times. Since then, I’ve seen them featured on programs such as American Idol. It takes so little to change so much.

Use this code to save 15% off your purchase and save 2-5 lives depending on your package.

code: savelives (ends May 2)

Thank you very much for your support.


CS5 product release schedule

Thu, Jan 1, 1970

CS5 Product release schedule

Monday 5/3/10 – Album Builder

Tuesday 5/4/10 – Touch Flow

Wednesday 5/5/10 – Txture Pro

Thursday 5/6/10 – Batch-o-licious and Action-o-matic

We saved lives

Thu, Jan 1, 1970

Thank you all very much for taking part in the Save Lives promotion. We raised over $300 in just a few days. 100% of this money has been donated to Nothing But Nets. We are really excited about all the Mosquito Nets we have purchased to help fight Malaria. Thank you so much!

This special is over, but we’ll do another one in the Summer!

CS5 Compatibility

Thu, Jan 1, 1970

We’ve just finished a full round of testing on CS5 and we will be fully compatible with the CS5 release.

If you are ordering CS5, rest assured that you’ll have Fundy Album Builder on it with a day or two of installing.


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