Featured Photographer: Anahi Navarro

Wed, Jun 22, 2011 How did you get started in photography? When I was dating my now husband we took a trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The colors and the people really inspired me. I started with a small film camera but because of the results I was determined to go back and capture the essence of the place that inspired me. After several trips and camera upgrades i was starting to reach some kind of results but more important I was learning how the camera worked. From that point I was hooked and I have never looked back.
Who have been your influences in photography? My initial influence was my family. I come from a family who enjoy practice and really live art. My uncle is a renowned painter in Mexico and was my first real brush with the possibility of making art a career. My photography influences are always changing. I feel based on where I am in my photography so go my influences. In weddings my current influence would probably be Elizabeth Messina.
How would you define your style of photography? I would describe my style as an eclectic mix of romance with a documentary feel.
What is one thing that has helped you grow your business? One of the most important things for our business has been that we established a foundation from the beginning. I have an accounting degree and my husband has a business degree. This has really helped in creating our business plan and setting our goals.
What is one thing that has helped you grow as an artist? I think that as an artist you have to constantly grow. The minute your are stagnant or satisfied you loose the art and it becomes more of a job. So I would say to always keep searching inside and out for how to evolve.
What is one failure that helped you grow as a business person/artist? The beautiful thing about this business and this work is that you fail constantly. As an artist you have to understand that if you don’t put yourself out there and are willing to fail then you will never get better. anyone can do the same thing over and over. I don’t know that I can pinpoint one main failure but I can say I am a result of all my failures more than of all my accomplishments.
What is one piece of advice that you would give to a person that is in the first few years of their photography business? Learn to be a business person. A lot of photographers are searching for the perfect image or techniques and forget the business side of our work. It is great to be able to do this for a living but that only happens if you are able to generate income.
A huge thanks to Anahi Navarro for providing these awesome tips and images. You can view more of their great Mexico destination wedding photography on their web site.

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