Featured Work: Randy Kepple

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Featured Work: Randy Kepple

Randy Kepple has a fantastic creative side whether it’s when he’s playing music or shooting images. He has a passion for people and has shot both celebrities and the moments of everyday life. And he was recently interviewed by Faded and Blurred blog. Read the article.

We can’t say enough good things about our friend Randy. So, without further delay, here are a few of my favorite shots from him.

What I like about this image is it captures the personality of its subjects. Is the guy on the left trying to make his friend laugh? Did he forget about his plate of food and instead want to eat his boutonniere? Are they just stopping to smell the roses? This is a photo that makes me wonder what really happened before and after this shot.

This is a great portrait shot–the color, expression and setting all draw me in.

This romantic photo has a nice, warm feel to it. The sun setting through the trees adds a nice touch after this couple, no doubt, enjoyed a fun day in the country.

This couple just looks like they were a blast to shoot. They have great character and we see that through Randy’s photograph. I like how the clothing fits in with the old building and sets the Victorian mood. What a sweet image.

Capturing an expression like this is great. Stuff like this cannot be posed, you just have to be ready to snap away when these emotions pop up. This little girl might look back at this image one day on her wedding day and get a kick out of it!

Thanks to Randy for sharing with us! Visit his site to see more beautiful images.


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