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Sat, Mar 19, 2011 One of the most underestimated things in the world is a photography slideshow. Showing them at receptions makes you money, showing them before a sales session makes you money and having your clients show them to their friends will also make you money.
Reception Slideshows Show images from the engagement session. This gets many guests seeing your work, including the bride’s friends and there’s always a great chance somebody will be planning a wedding in the near future. Caveat: You may want to include the slideshow as a surprise or mention it AFTER clients place a print order. If they’re planning on using engagement images to decorate the reception already, you’re set.
Sales Sessions Large purchases are emotionally driven. There’s no better way to whet a client’s appetite to buy pictures than to first show some favorites set to music that your client would love.  This is so much more effective than just going straight into the selling.
Online Sharing Putting slideshows up on Facebook and/or your blog makes it VERY easy for your brides to share them with family and friends. We recommend holding the slideshow until all final print/album orders have been placed. This way you can use the edited images for the slideshow AND it gives clients an incentive to get their orders placed.
Check out the following example slideshows from eMotion media:
eMotionMedia has been kind enough to give Fundy blog readers one month free of HD slideshows. Learn how to take advantage of this generous offer, here

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