The Immutable Law of Photography Marketing

Wed, Mar 23, 2011 Yes, the title of this post is a rip from Trout and Ries’ awesome book, “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.” When it comes to photography though, there’s one law that just about trumps all of the others. What is it? The law of showing your work.
Showing your work wherever you can and whenever you can plants the seeds for bookings. Not everyone who sees your work will buy, but this is a numbers game. The more people who see your work, the more business you’ll inevitably get. This is an organic process that starts with showing your work. Some ways of showing are better than others, but they all contribute to one thing: more bookings.
Showing off your work should be your priority in everything you do. Here’s a quick list of ways you can ensure your work gets seen.
  1. • Blogging
  2. • Facebooking
  3. • Online Slideshows
  4. • Invitations
  5. • Reception Print Displays
  6. • Demo Albums for Vendors
  7. • Framed Prints for Vendors
  8. • Magazine Features
  9. • Bridal Blog Features
  10. • Facebook Ads
  11. • Google Ads
  12. • SEO
  13. • Retail Storefront
  14. • Mall Kiosks
  15. • Coffee Shop Exhibitions
  16. • Photo Guest Sign-In Books
  17. • Bridal Fairs
  18. • Albums
  19. • Save The Date / Thank You Cards
  20. • Charity Auctions
  21. • Presentations to Local Groups
  22. • Fundraising / Community Involvement
  23. • Smart Phone/iPad Portfolios
  24. • Pocket Albums
Obviously, these are all known methods of marketing a photography business. What’s the one underlying goal they all serve? That’s right, they show your work. If you focus on nothing else, making sure your work gets seen should be the goal of everything you do.
What’d I miss? Share and share alike. :)

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