How wedding photographers can maximize on Twitter.

Fri, Feb 4, 2011 1. Your Target Audience The main people a wedding photographer will want to target on Twitter is other wedding industry vendors. Since it’s damn-near impossible to know which twitter users are brides-to-be, target vendors. Use Twitter to know who is doing what. Offer help if you see someone starting a project. Some suggestions:
• Magazine Editors • Wedding Planners • Gown Shops • Florists • Venues
You get the picture. Twitter is an AWESOME way to break the ice with new vendors and other industry professionals you have yet to meet. Then when you do finally get some face time, you’ll have some familiarity to start with.
2. Look for people who talk back Okay, so now you’ve found vendors with Twitter accounts. How do you know if they’re worth pursuing? Look at their stream. If they send out plenty of @replies, then this is who you want to talk to. If on the other hand their stream is just one-way announcements and links to their web site chances are you won’t get much out of them. (They haven’t figured out how to use Twitter yet!)
3. Reach Out Twitter is not an “if you build it, they will come.” type medium. In fact, it’s the opposite. You have to REACH OUT to people. You do this on Twitter, by first following the people you’re targeting and then replying to their tweets. They’ll follow back after a while. You have to jump-start it.
4. Be Interesting Should be a no-brainer, but have something to say. If you’re not witty yourself, provide resources, tips and info. You can also have good taste in retweets. @PicSeshu is someone who does this very well and has become a great photography resource on Twitter. Keep in mind your target audience and provide relevant info.
5. Have Fun The simplest law of the social universe, if you’re having fun people will be attracted to you. People want to do business with and be around other positive, upbeat people.
There you have it. That’s how a wedding photographer can use Twitter for business.
Post Author: Timothy John
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