Secret Sales Weapons

Thu, Feb 3, 2011 It’s widely known that Chocolate elevates mood and has similar effects on the brain as cocaine, albeit, much, much safer and milder.  When clients are in a good mood it does two key things for you. First, prospects make a subconscious association between the elevated mood they’re in and being around you and your photography. Second, an elevated mood makes them much more receptive to sales presentations. Overall, it’s a small part of delivering a great experience that will help sway clients in your favor.
Go with wrapped chocolates of an expensive variety. Don’t be cheap, Hershey’s Pot Of Gold doesn’t make the same statement as Ghiradelli or another expensive brand. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably end up having a bit of chocolate yourself. If you really want to impress, a box of fine truffles from a local chocolatier is the ultimate.
Also have on hand some bottled water. Don’t ask if clients want one, many people will decline. Go ahead and hand them a cold bottle of expensive water and make a friendly statement. It’s not being pushy when it’s done genuinely and with a smile. This is helpful for two reasons. One of the most basic sales techniques, is getting people to agree with you and building upon that. Handing someone a bottle of water (which they accept to not be rude) starts this, in a very small but significant way. Second, it is a friendly and considerate gesture. Everyone appreciates a kind gesture, whether or not they’re thirsty.
I’ve heard of other photographers serving freshly roasted coffee or espresso or fresh baked cookies for clients when they arrive. Feel free to get creative and try things that might work well for you.
Post Author: Timothy John.
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