Sarah Petty – on why albums increase sales

Thu, Dec 16, 2010 Why adding albums to your portrait mix can help you overcome objections, build loyalty and increase your sales.
As small business owners, we create our product mix for many reasons. Some products we offer simply because they are so cool and they separate us from the competition. And we offer some products, like albums, because they overcome objections, increase sales and encourage loyalty.
One of the main reasons we offer albums and books is to overcome objections. Have you ever been in a sales presentation and heard a client say “oh, I don’t have any wall space left,” or “I don’t hang large portraits of my family on the walls.” Well, I have great news for you. Albums are a fantastic alternative to wall portraits for your clients. Albums allow your clients to have more images without taking up wall space. We also know that with this generation, everyone is looking for (or at least asking about) digital files. Ask your client when the last time was that she printed the photos on her camera and then remind her that with an album, she will have these images to enjoy for many, many years.
Many times, you can build loyalty with your clients by getting them into an album program. You can create a baby plan where you add images from every session to the album. You could also make the albums part of a series so they have a smaller album from every session. Clients will keep coming back for years to have these keepsakes.
The key is to identify your clients needs prior to the session. When you can provide them with an album option, it will increase your sales. If you can determine that albums would meet their needs, you can make sure to photograph your subject so that you have enough pages for the album. An album is a great product for large families because you can photograph so many combinations. You can group mom with each child, dad with each child, the boys, the girls, serious, everyone giggling, the kids carrying the littlest child, etc. When we shoot this way, the parents can’t say no to all of the images, making a book or album the perfect solution for them.
Sarah Petty
I would like to give a personal thanks to Sarah Pettty for writing this article for us. She’s a busy photographer with a genius mind for marketing and a heart of gold. If you are struggling with marketing your business, there is no better way to ramp up your business with the Joy of Marketing. This year, Sarah has a brand new event. The Joystart Your Year event. I recommend everyone check it out here.
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