Prosper™ – the first complete pricing program coming this week

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 Prosper™ will be the very first desktop application offered by Fundy Software, and the first brand new program in over 6 months. Prosper is a complete pricing and packaging program for wedding and portrait photographers and studios. It takes the headaches out of pricing and guarantees that photographers are pricing for profit.

Elegant Interface

Prosper™ has an easy to use elegant interface. While working through Adobe Air, Prosper™ will run on any Mac or Windows machine that can run Adobe Air (which is basically any machine).

The art of pricing, profits guaranteed

Prosper™ has an easy to use settings section with your logo, and studio information. But more importantly, your studio costs for image processing, design costs, cost of meeting clients, etc. And finally, you enter your desired mark up. Prosper™ works with a simple cost of goods multiplier. If you want to make $100 for every $25 you spend, then just enter a 25% cost of goods (a 4x markup). It even allows you to create rules that auto rounds retail prices to the nearest round figure.

Profitable Pricing

Profitable pricing is just a few clicks away. Just add a new product, enter in how many minutes you spend ordering the file, meeting the client, the cost of the product and the cost of shipping. Prosper™ will give you a suggested retail pricing. You can take that pricing as is, or adjust it to your liking. In addition to single products (like prints), you can create album pricing, collage pricing, time products (e.g. wedding coverage) and credit products (e.g. album credit).

Instant Package Tiers

Every photographer has trouble deciding on pricing tiers. How much should the top package be? How much should the bottom package be? We’ve studied multi-national companies who work with pricing tiers (such as Apple and Honda) and used the same mathematical formula to give you the optimal pricing tiers. Simply enter a target price (i.e. how much you want to make) and Prosper™ will generate the best pricing tiers for you. Then just drag and drop your products, and presto, like magic, you have a price list.

Export PDF price lists and order sheets

Prosper™ will, with the click of a button, export price sheet PDFs. We are also including 3 premium PSD pricing templates to copy and paste to. Prosper™ will also export quick PDFs for custom packages and custom albums. As many photographers know, it can be a challenge to create a custom package on the fly or to quickly calculate the cost of a 42 page album with a metal cover upgrade. Prosper™ will do this automatically.
What’s more, Prosper™ will quickly export order sheets. Need to do in studio (or in person) ordering? Prosper™ will quickly generate custom order sheets with your packages and ala carte items, just jot down the numbers and you have your ordering…
Prosper will be $149. We will be launching the final version this week. For die hard Fundy Software Fans, you can purchase the first version for only $79.
As with all our products, Prosper™ will include unlimited support, as well as our 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back.
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