ProDPI – Fundy’s Lab of Choice

Wed, Dec 22, 2010 Choosing a lab for your photography business, is like choosing a business partner. For a photographer, the lab printing the photos and products, is the core of a business. I often see photographers choose a lab like they are choosing fast food. Whatever is the cheapest and the fastest, that’s what they go with. What’s necessary to run a profitable business is lab that is there for you as a business. What I like about ProDPI is the people. Prints are just pieces of paper, but a business partner is ultimately the people running the business. At ProDPI, everyone from the owners, Jeffrey and Caitlin, to the printing and shipping staff, are having fun, are working hard and care about the photographers that they serve. Check out this video interview with Jeffrey, one of the owners of ProDPI (psst. the boss is his wife, Caitlin :) . Go sign up and get 10 free test prints. And enjoy having a partner in your business.
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