The New Fundy Logo

Fri, Nov 12, 2010 2010 has been a year of insane growth for Fundy SOS! We’ve got big plans for 2011 and a part of those big plans means tweaking up the Fundy brand. To that end, we’ve created a brand new logo and will be rolling out visual enhancements throughout our line of products. Don’t fret–no big changes, just an interface that’s easier on the eyes.
Why Change? There’s a whole bunch of reasons that a company might update a logo. For example, you can bet BP will be doing a rebranding campaign at some point in the near future.
The reason Fundy did, is to take the next step in our brand and make the overall brand style appeal to a broader client base. In other words, the previous logo was extremely masculine. Additionally, it didn’t capture the spirit of fun and freedom that Fundy’s toolset is all about. The new logo has softer lines, and uses a font with thinner letters. Essentially, the extra curves and fewer straight lines helps to establish the logo as a bit more gender neutral. The font itself (Fenway) pulls queues from old baseball teams, giving the logo that spirit of fun and play we were going for.
Expect to see more great things from Fundy as the brand and product evolve and grow. The target we’re aiming for, is to make your album design and day-to-day business activities more effortless, fun and profitable.
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