New Fundy SOS Digs – More Photos

Fri, Nov 5, 2010 We’re pretty excited. We’ve just moved Fundy SOS into our new office building. With the move one of our goals is now a possibility. We want to become a hub in Portland, Oregon for hosting seminars and events both for photographers and vendors. One of the greatest assets for the photographic community is how much we can teach to and learn from each other. In addition to our office, we have a conference room where we can seat up to 90 people. It’s spacious, has a pull-down screen for our projector and is close to both public transportation and affordable restaurants. Additionally, there is plenty of nature, interesting architecture and grungy backgrounds for photographic seminars. Here are a few photos of both our new location and the surrounding environment.

This is the tech room for Fundy SOS - all programming and support is done here.

For a small break or to chat it up, the reception area

Training room - configurable like this for 50 people or lecture seating for 90 people

Very cool architecture in the downstairs lobby

The outside of our building.

We are about 15 min. by public tram from all downtown hotels. The stop is 10 feet from our building.

Large courtyard for outdoor talks and shooting.

Local Sushi chain. I'm personal friends with the owner. Mmmm...bentos.

Probably the best Thai food in town. Super Yummy.

Grunge area for grunge backgrounds

More grunge backgrounds

Trees, bushes, nice reflections - many shooting opportunities